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The Day I Tickled a Hedgehog

A caper about a bank robber with amnesia


When Terry Higham walks into a police station with a bag full of money, he can’t remember a thing: who he is or why a holdall stuffed with cash was hidden at the bottom of his garden. Then a member of his crew demands his share of the money. Terry needs time to figure it all out or he could lose his long-lost daughter, as well as his fingers.

Rookie Detective Constable Josh Nicholson can’t believe his luck. Master criminal Terry Higham has just walked into the police station with a bag full of stolen money and a lost memory. Spotting an opportunity to put the elusive robber behind bars, the detective suggests something which could help him remember.

Despite his superiors warning him to stay away from the slippery swindler, Nicholson is determined to solve the case – even if it drives him mad.

Seeking representation.

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