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The Same Sides of a Coin

A romantic suspense about shame and redemption

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“Fast-paced, believable characters and a real page-turner. Absolutely loved it. Bravo!”

Can someone really change?

All Nathan wants to do is slip into the shadows. Hide his shameful secret. But when Rachel and Jasmine enter his life, he must face up to his past. After all, both women have their own secrets to spill.

Writing during the pandemic whilst volunteering at a foodbank, The Same Sides of a Coin is a standalone sequel that explores the themes of guilt, grief and change. Told through the point of view of three protagonists, the novel links together their journeys to redemption.

When Rachel, a grieving young woman, finds herself stuck in the middle of Thailand she meets Nathan, trying to hide in the shadows from his shameful secret. As they settle into paradise, she’s wonders if fate had played a part – was it all meant to be? That is, until she makes a stupid mistake. One which could have dire consequences for her and her new-found friends.


But does Nathan know something she doesn’t?


Previously, Jasmine, an alcoholic ballerina, travels with Nathan to exotic Bali where they team up with Pierre, an aging, widowed hippy and Sommy, a happy-go-lucky orphan, in their altruistic project. It’s too good to be true – surely? But it’s that nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that keeps her on alert. After all, the one thing she’s never trusted is men.


But does Sommy know something she doesn’t?


Against the backdrop of the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami, they try to put their past ghosts behind them and focus on changing their lives forever. But there’s always someone, or something, that threatens to derail their redemption.


Isn’t there?

3d book cover cropped.png

Out now in paperback and on ebook


Ali T

Brilliant story in it’s own right but thought it was great how it drew on Dominic’s first novel. Realistic characters, wonderful journey and thought provoking messages throughout.

JM Wright

Really liked this second instalment from Dominic. The intertwining stories, easy to read prose and depth of character really do make for a brilliant book. Highly recommended

Mirien Silowendë

I read this in pretty much one sitting. The author has woven a compelling story together, of three different but interlinked narratives. It's very very good and it feels genuine. The characters are flawed and honest and feeling. What a great book.

Reviews taken from Amazon
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